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She Got The Sway

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hey little man
don't waste your time
this bar's a scene
just waiting for a crime

you ain't her type
you can't read her eyes
you think you're funny
but that's not why she smiles

she's all black leather
boots and tattoos
she ain't impressed
by your moves
so you better run along

she wants a man
and here I am
tough enough
to handle her demand

she got the sway
to shake me
she got the swagger
to break my heart
no other woman
ever hit me so hard
I'm giving off sparks

I need it that way
she got the sway
to shake me

passion ain't polite
tonight's a firefight
she makes me ache
like a cut from her knife

I met my match
I'm catching fire
we're mixing tnt
and dynamite

trading shots
across the table
eyes locked
ready and able
I've never been so alive

love ain't real
until I can feel
the heat it takes
to make the steel