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Cult Cult Culture

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everybody's got a name
but we all sound the same
thinking together
never have to question
we don't want to change

going to the right school
learning all the right rules
making us pure and straight
created to follow
talking in mono
leader will keep us safe

we don't like outsiders
we're not gonna share
what we have earned
we are the herd

cult cult culture

praying to the right god
being born the right colour
play the right music
we don't have to choose it
we don't need another

the enemy is difference
we don't need a preference
we'll die to defend the


we are the herd

they're gonna let me vote
but there's only red or blue
I wanna go green
they say what do you mean
boy you should know the rules

we've chosen who you can choose
you better watch your attitude
you should not abuse


(polite applause)