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Military Disease

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there goes another bomb
civilian's were
hiding in that mosque
body count live on fox

evil empire
living for war
they call it freedom
but who for
the president
the generals
all criminals

spending more on bullets
than people in need
laying down with the dogs of war
getting up with fleas

military disease
doing the goose step
everybody get ya hands up
living in a fascist dream
military disease

shock awe horror
just like a movie
making money
from the war on peace
justice down bleeding out

drones busy
with murder tonight
showing off their might
do whatever they like
the best on Earth
get what they deserve
their medals earned

only traitors say they can't take
what they need
spreading faster than cancer
and misery

endless war
blood for oil
bombs for law
that's what they're for

1 2 3 war!