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Going to re-write the bridge for the album cuz I hate it.


I'm not going out today
there's too many people
getting in my way

no solitude or hideaway
they always find me
there's no escape

misery is company
I don't need anybody

where can I go
to be all on my own
seeing no one
I know they say I'm strange

I'm only happy when I'm alone

I wanna be lonely
all alone

don't talk to me
let me be
why can't you see
I wanna be lonely

there's nothing wrong
with being by myself
no I'm not depressed
I'm not a cry for help

two is a crowd
talk is too loud
no one is an island
but I'm still trying

I don't crave conversation
I don't do participation

could I be the only one
who's longing to be
the only one
the only one

cos I'm better off on my own

don't come near
don't talk to me
if I need you
I know where you'll be
just leave me alone
can't you leave me alone