1. Bad Dog
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going mad
trapped in this place
work and pay
choke like a chain
bad dog
they say I should be better
bad dog

they say I've got a
bad attitude
could be good
but my questions are rude
bad dog
don't talk back
bad dog

I don't give a damn for
your rules and routines
so boring
what do they mean
bad dog

I am not a good boy
they can train
I will not be tamed
bad dog

they think they got me
under control
kicking me down
is good for their soul
bad dog
one day I'll bite back
bad dog

born wild
nobody owns me
my neck don't fit on your lead
bad dog
I'm not your pal
bad dog


such a bad dog
such a naughty boy
we're all so disappointed

I wanna chase
I wanna play
I wanna stray

I'm gonna
run forever
wild and free