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forever dreaming of
somewhere else
what I should be
things I thought I'd have by now
who I would be

I could be a better man
more than I am
how did I get here
didn't have a plan

then I heard a voice say
you've got the choice
only got one life
live while you're alive

look around
everything I have is
here and now
everything I need is
here and now
all that I can be is
here and now
everyone I love is
here and now

there's no future in the past
what might have been
history will be revealed
step by step

carry on dreaming
keep on believing
never forget that
all things will pass

learn to fly
falling from the sky
cry like you're all alone
dance like you're on your own

life is a moment
life is your heat beat
life is a breath
life is your love
life is your kiss
life is a gift
so take it

Photo by Levi Guzman on Unsplash