New song: Fascistate 

Finally got some time to lay down vocals. This is the first of three ready to go and I am thinking about it as the first song on the new album Bangerz and Smash because I like how it opens up with a hook and gets straight down to business.

The song is about the global slide into fascism and other extreme politics. I was inspired by politics in Australia and Trump in the USA, and the list below I found on the internet somewhere. It seems to me we see many examples around the world of the warning signs of fascism and need to be vigilant and fight back. What happened in Germany in the 1930s was not peculiar to that country - it could conceivably happen anywhere. The song is a warning.

My favourite lines are in the second verse: "a silent people/watch and wait" which is what we are doing - waiting, and hoping it will go away, even as it grows. It doesn't seem conceivable that liberal parliamentary democracy can be overthrown, but that's what happened to the Weimar Republic in Germany. It can happen but depends on good people remaining silent.  

"crushing dissent/you will repent/or you'll be next." Fascism requires total loyalty (fealty) to the leader and those who don't are portrayed as evil and dissidents and typically punished, or worse. Making the point that no one is safe from fascism. They come after groups one by one, isolating them, and demonising them. As fascist power grows so does their list of 'undesirables'. Unless we act to stop it, before long we'll be on that list.

On the track I used virtual instruments from UJam and features Trav Bryant on background vocals. I intended doing the lead vocal and wanted a different sound on the backing and Trav did a great job.The song is mosty 140 bpm (beats per minute) but I tried something different on this song and increased to 150bpm for the last chorus.

It's a little short at 2:44 but as it's pretty frenetic I thought that suited the song. It feels longer. I could've added a lead guitar break but like the way the sections blend and transition.

I hope you like it. Let me know any questions or comments. The thumbnail photo is by Katie Moum on Unsplash.




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