Gotta get these songs out. They're killing me

So, I've got most of these songs written, just waiting to do vocals:

I know when they're done when I get tired of listening to them. And I am. Lyrics almost done for most of them. I just need space and time for the vocals. With a day job and a full house I have to take my chances when they come - vocals are LOUD. VERY FKNG LOUD!!! And I go over and over and over the same bits to get it right. As you can imagine, that tends to drive other members of my family completely berserk - and not in a good way.

Trav's been helping out on a few tracks - backing vocals for Facistate and lead for Idiocracy, and one new song I'm working on, working title NaNaNaNa. Creative, huh? Once I've heard the lead I'll work out the song.

Vocals are hard. By far the most complex part of a track - especially with my voice. Getting a good take, tuning it without sounding artificial, adding effects, getting it into the mix. Sigh. I wonder why sometimes.

I've decided to put everything into BandZoogle because it's such a good platform and has everything I need - tracks, sales, blog, site, etc. Not sure about SoundCloud. Feels like I've moved on from that. We'll see. Life is change. 

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