Coming Anyway 

I love this song, although it scares the bejeezus out of me. I imagined I was climate change - like a Greek/Roman/OT god. I don't care if you don't believe me, I'm here. Sort of to remind me - bad shit is coming. Make defences/build your walls. Won't stop it, won't save us, won't save me.

Like a scary movie of a song, but nowhere near as bad as what's actually coming. I like the contrast between the pretty, harmonised 'oohs' and the terrifying reality. 

My favourite line is "I'm not evil/I'm the god you made me". Because we have. We made this. And it's like a vengeful god - all powerful, mighty, magnificent. We haven't lived within our means, have pushed the Earth system too far. Now it's going to push back. Harder than we can imagine, harder than we can handle.

As I tried to say in the song - tuck your children in/wish them good night - it's the younger generations I feel for. They will inherit our mistakes, our obeisance, our arrogance and ignorance. We are sleepwalking into destruction. Business as usual. Ha! It's coming anyway, believe it or not. It doesn't care The real world is a brutal place. We can be protected from it only for so long. 

Also like the line: "clutch your science to your chest". Inspired by the idea of clutching a bible to your chest - the false prophets of technology. As if tech will save us. It's like a religion. It's a false religion, a useless hope that even the IPCC has bought into. The 1.5C target is based on assumptions of mitigating technology which doesn't exist, and shows very little promise.

A dark song but realistic, I think. Doesn't mean we shouldn't fight - what is there left to do?

Photo by Thomas Hafeneth on Unsplash

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