New song: Military Disease 

"Kablooey" became something of a meme for newscasters in the early days of the illegal and ill-founded invasion of Iraq. Part of the so-called "shock and awe" tactics of the COWs (Coalition of the Willing), live broadcasts showed the massive bombs being dropped on Iraqis - military and civilian. 

The song was inspired by the unsanctioned and illegal US invasion of Iraq which Li'l Bush apparently was told by god to do, but it's dedicated to the enormous waste of life, energy, and resources we dedicate to killing each other - it's like a virus, a disease, much more devastating than any physical disease. It's like we have a mental illness, fascinated by death, uniforms, and power. I suspect it's strongly related to patriarchy.

The Military Industrial Complex is alive and well, even more entrenched than Big Oil. They need war for profit, so people die - almost all innocent civilians, lives are torn apart - collateral damage for a ghastly profit making industry. The corporatism of modern war is clear comparing current events with WW2, which was truly a fight against a brutal, fascist regime intent on killing as many innocent people as it could. Presidents and generals clothe themselves in those robes, imagining themselves new great leaders, and committing the lives of others to the fight.

If two leaders can't agree and want war, they should get in a cage in a fight to death. Whoever lives, wins. Seems fair. Why kill so many others when the problem is them?

I used a loop from Splice for the bridge and happy with how it worked out. Creates a nice difference, slowing down to prepare for the last chorus. Some of the loops are re-introduced in the last chorus to crash out the song.

At 170 beats per minute it's a fast song and took a bit of work to get the vocal right. I love the re-entry from the bridge: 123 war!

I hope you like the song, and hate war, and will keep standing up for peace. War is almost always not the answer.

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