New Song: House Is On Fire 

A song about climate change and our (non) response to it. The inspiration for the song was a quote from Greta Thunberg, then I noticed this meme going round and it seemed a great metaphor. This is from a cartoon by K.C. Green. The last frame shows the dog character melting in the heat and that seems to be what we need to treat this like the emergency it is: an immediate crisis, as recently in Australia.

Lines from the song are inspired by the record fires in Australia: tar sticking to my tyres. I saw a news report where the road was so hot it was literally melting and trapping cars. City lost in the smoke haze - Sydney choked in smoke for many days. The smoke even blew across the Tasman to NZ and has affected glaciers here, probably speeding up their melt. Here in Auckland we had several brown days from the smoke blowing over. We are one world. What happens in one place has an impact on the others.

The key line for me is in the bridge: "we've got to put the fire out." Sounds so obvious in the context of the song, but it's just as obvious for our world and our lives. We can't keep emitting carbon - 'business as usual' is killing us, faster and faster. If we wait, it may be too late. We have to act now.

I wanted urgency in the song - the house is on FIRE! Fire! Fire! That's how we need to respond to climate change, like the house we're in is on fire. How would we react then? Sit back and watch TV and wait for someone to rescue us - or get the hell out and find a hose?

We are in an emergency. We have to act like it, or we'll go down with it.


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