Yep, that’s me – on the ferry to the wondrous Waiheke Island. Nope, that’s not an ashtray, although I do love my vape unnaturally.

Wannabe songwriter with a day job (yawn). One of those ‘found-out-late-what-I-should’ve-been-doing-all-along’ types and blissfully married 20+ years to Moni, with two kids (Cooper and Maddie) and four cats (Hurley, Holly, Babie, and Izzy).

Introvert, INFJ, complex dude. Even I don’t understand me. But I LOVE songwriting. Writing it, creating it, hearing it come to life, depth in my ears. And hopefully yours, too.

Passionate about the environment, social justice, and saving the world. Born in PNG, grew up overseas (Indo, Maldives, India), lived in Australia, and now proudly in New Zealand.

Writing constantly hoping one day to be a fully paid-up songwriter, even an artist if I had the voice! Plans to buy a place in the country, with a studio, lots of pets, surf, and to write, and write, and write…

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