Bangerz & $mash – work in progress

SoundCloud nagged me I hadn’t posted a song for a while and suggested I put something up, even a draft. So here’s what I’m working on – ten songs for the album Bangerz & $mash. I’d have recorded vocals for the completed songs but it’s school holidays here in NZ and I can’t get the house to myself – which I find quite necessary for the screeching involved in recording vocals. School hols finish next week so I should get some gaps to record the vocals.

  • Idiocracy – lyrics and track complete. Needs vocals. The intro is morse code for ‘fuck Trump’. Song about how dumbfuck our “leaders” are
  • Facistate – still working on the lyrics. Love the concept – “we’re living in a facistate (fascist state)” – and the approach. This is a song about the rise of fascism and white supremacy
  • Everyone Does Everything Better Than Me – just started this today and like it a lot. Title is self evident
  • House Is On Fire – about climate change. An allegory about a dude living in a house that’s on fire and wondering what to do. Lyrics done. Needs vocals
  • Outsider – about being a leftie, socialist, greenie, tree-hugger. Not in the RWNJ neo-liberal “in-crowd”, and proud of it
  • Viva La Revolution – surprisingly turned into a love song. A fellah falls in love with a strong revolutionary woman
  • Days of Wine and Rage – My life. Cognitive dissonance. Between a good life I’ve worked for, a future I hoped for, and the reality of what is coming thanks to climate change
  • Road Are Flat – no idea what this about yet. Needs a new concept. Like the melody and pace so included, so far
  • Black Bitch – I was out with “friends” one night and one of them called the waitress a ‘black bitch’. About white privilege and rascism, which I fucking hate. Struggling to write this one as I hate using the word ‘bitch’ but I think it’s an important concept
  • Superpower – love the melody but no idea what the song’s about. Work in progress.

TIL The Ramones. Struggling to believe I haven’t heard them before. Sure, I’ve heard their songs, but never heard them. Have loved Green Day since Dookie but didn’t realise there was a genre I loved so much – pop-punk. That’s what this album is about, and a genre I totally get, Even though I’m not a patch on those guys, now I don’t feel alone anymore. Feels like I found my crowd.

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