Put together this compilation of songs from 2019. I hope you had a good year, and enjoy the songs.

My year was OK. If it’s possible, I’m even more concerned about climate change but have hit some weird form of acceptance. I feel a bit like an observer, as dispassionate as I can manage. But I wake up each day thinking how beautiful things are as they are, and wishing it could stay the same, but knowing it won’t. But I don’t get as depressed as I did. Could be the anti-depressants!

I released one album this year – Two Thieves. It’s been a massive commercial success. Not! I think I’ve sold three. 🙂 I appreciate the magnanimity of Apple and Spotify who regularly send me ‘artist updates’ with absolutely nothing in them. But the thought is nice.

Oh well. I love writing and will do it anyway, but building up a community of like minds would be nice. Not “fans”, but people who can share what I’m getting. Creating isn’t making, it’s listening and waiting.

I think I improved this year. At least, I discovered virtual instruments which mean I can bring life to ideas I couldn’t before. Last year was piano, and this year guitar, which is my weapon of choice.

I have at least two albums planned and partially written for 2020 – ‘Bangerz and $mash’ which is hard rock/punk, and ‘6 Pack‘ more mainstream rock. Maybe also ‘Living The Dream‘ which is piano driven, and ‘Takes So Long‘ which is synth and pop. I just assign the songs to albums as they come in.

Happy New Year. I hope you have a terrific 2020.

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