Our Fear Is Gone

We are well on the way to being fascist states. This song is a call to action against that. What’s happening in Hong Kong, Australia, the UK, USA, and elsewhere shows that the state is obsessed with order over justice, and confident to use force to compel discipline and compliance. The definition of fascism.

I wrote about this in Big Big Time, one of my favourites.

That track needs a remix to bring out the bass and pump the track but I love the feel and the concept. “Nazis in the cupboard” was a reference to John Lennon’s song ‘Nobody Told Me’: “There’s Nazis in the bathroom just below the stairs”.

For ‘Fear Has Gone’ I got the verse in one quick rush. So quick I wondered if I had stolen it. But I figured that by the time I wrote it into a song it would be different enough.

The concept came from my day job where I am constantly anxious about losing my job and the dough that comes with it. Hierarchy breeds compliance – people, like me, are afraid of losing their jobs, of speaking out, of speaking up, rocking the boat. So we go along with whatever – it’s easier that way, and doesn’t pay to be a tall poppy. Because tall poppies get cut down – either publicly as an example, or quietly to reduce noise. When power gets out of balance, no one is safe.

Our leaders don’t have enough, if any, fear. They don’t respect people enough. Politics has become a game – a private web of connections, pay offs, deals, and sideways winks. While there was a moral concept of public service and duty, self-interest was somewhat kept it in check, but now it is rampant. Just look at any Trump interview, or Morrison or Australia, or Bridges in NZ. They lie with impunity, with no repercussion. We’ve normalised dishonesty. How the fuck is a mobster like Trump the president of the USA? Wholly supported by the Republican party? This is straight and obvious corruption. A massive dereliction of the social contract – now an archaic term.

So, this song is a call to bring our leaders to heel – to make them serve us, not us servile to them. To instil some fear in the “ruling class”, to keep the bastards honest. We’ve lost that instinct – distracted with our new possessions and shiny toys, like the Romans and the Coliseum.

I don’t ever condone violence but I won’t back down from a bully. We’re being bullied and controlled. Elections are a bunch of lies twisted by the billionaire press to support their man. Our leaders have become pedagogues, far more interested in their own, private agendas than the welfare of real people.

Perhaps democracy can generate a true leader – many had hopes for Obama but he was a dud, like Rudd in Australia, and Blair in the UK. All they did was basically ‘status quo’ and set their countries up for fascists like Trump, Morrison, and Johnson.

Give them a fight, I say. Give them some fear – that their lies won’t carry, that they will be confronted, questioned, ridiculed – like the press used to do before they were bought out. Not the fawning, clown hatted MAGA fools, or the broken evangelists selling their souls in a bid to implement their evil, anti-human agendas. Give them some fear. That we won’t back down, won’t disappear, won’t venerate them as they demand. Will question and challenge and protest.

Musically, the song was written off the verse melody, which I loved from the moment I heard it. I knew it was a song. Originally, the chorus dipped down but I didn’t like that so in recording the vocal I tried to lift it, sitting on the line “we won’t take it” (borrowed from “we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore”). I just winged the bridge but rather like it.

It’s an electronic song, using the Serum synth for most of the parts, and Logic Ultrabeat for most of the beats. I like that there’s no guitars or acoustic elements. I tried to blend a hard rock feel in the vocal (it’s the only thing I can sing!) with an electronic track.

Writing this song was a nice foil to the hard, guitar rock of You Don’t You Won’t and Bad Dog, and I miss having it in my queue.

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