Ain’t Got You

I started this song back in 2015 but was encouraged by my then mentor to park it because it wasn’t modern enough. Too rock, and rock is dead right? What a shame that would be, or maybe that’s just me. I don’t see why we can’t have rap, hip hop, etc. and rock? Why are we always so fixated on ‘or’ (this or that) not ‘and’ (this and that)? This could be my superpower: seeing the and on things, not the or. So many times I’ve challenged people to think about including, not excluding. Seems so simple but seems to work.

This is a pretty rocky track. Only a couple of chords, not exactly blues but definitely from that genre. I love the simplicity of it, and the depth. Trav did an excellent job on the guitars – lead and rhythm.

Being able to finish this song is another example of finally having the tools to compensate for my lack of equipment. For the early versions it was just me and my acoustic, trying to work out how to get it rough and distorted like I wanted it. I couldn’t, and I couldn’t sing it. I was going to give it to Trav to record it for me, but didn’t, although I did get him to do lead and rhythm guitar – that background riff. He did a typically awesome job. I could not have played that lead, no matter what tool I had!

Although it could be a love song, it’s actually about booze, my little helper. I swallowed a few bourbons to get that rough voice going. After discovering it on You Don’t You Won’t, and proving I could do it again on Bad Dog, I’m now confident approaching my songs. I couldn’t have sung this song before stumbling on that technique – or whatever it is. My natural, ‘clean’ voice wouldn’t have carried the song, or reached the notes.

My favourite part of the vocal is the last chorus – after the lead break. I had already done 17 takes and was happy but tried something stronger and higher on one last take. That higher pitch was a happy accident. I tried but couldn’t do another take. My voice was pretty tired by that stage.

I’m glad I finished this song. I’ve always liked it and hopefully I’ve done it justice.

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