New song: I’ve Got Wine

This is my favourite part of finishing a song: looking back on the start I had and comparing it to the “final” (in quotes because nothing’s ever finished, is it?)

This song came from a “snippet” – a melodic idea. The first part of the audio. That was in April 2019. Then I worked out a guitar piece (using a virtual guitar) and that bottom of the chorus – “around the corner”. I love that bit, especially with Hammond organ (actually a Logic virtual instrument). Sounds so lovely.

The song came as ‘take your time’ but I decided that was too generic and somewhere came up with ‘I’ve got wine’. Along with that hook came the concept – a friend of ours who lives a street over and who has had a very tough year. The song is for her and another neighbour who has also had a terrible year. It’s to say: you’ve got a friend. Yeah, that’s been done before, maybe a million times. The trick is to find a different angle – or at least, what I think is different.

I remember getting really upset when a work colleague said once “there’s nothing new under the sun” (or words to that effect). What’s the point of writing if I can’t write something new? Took me a long, long time to accept that fact but that I could bring something new to even well-worn topics. How many songs about love are there? The human experience is surprisingly (?) similar. So I hope I brought something different to this – and my heart is in this song. It means a great deal to me to be a good friend and to help someone.

I do have wine. I inherited a love for Chardonnay from my Dad which makes our get togethers easier. Also great, not many people go for Chardonnay these days, so the more for us.

The track is all virtual instruments – Native Instruments guitars, UJam drums and bass, EZKeys piano, Logic electric organ. Pretty simple arrangement. Easily the hardest instrument (daylight second) is the voice. Ugh! So much work, especially with a wobbly voice like mine. It surprises me sometimes hitting some good notes and phrases, but mostly it’s just a pain. I have to do a lot of work tuning and adjusting it – hopefully not too obviously. The backing vocals meant even more work. I was kicking myself for doing backing vocals but the song needed it, and I think it worked out alright.

Hope you like it. Raise a glass for me! Cheers.

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