New Song: Life So Right

The view at Raro

New song up on SoundCloud:

I started this when Mon and I were on holiday in Rarotonga (Cook Islands). Just sitting there one day looking at the view I got the hook – how’d I get life so right? Funny how holidays do that. It made me think about how I’d got to that point, how I never could’ve imagined it. I’ve literally never had a plan, although I would like to make it as a songwriter.

Also from the holiday, I’ve got this thing I tell myself: I’m not that good. It may sound harsh or defeatist, but it reminds me that I’m just an amateur – to not get too serious or self-important, fight for perfection. It helps bring me down to earth, and takes some self-imposed pressure off.

I like the song, and I love that it’s all mine – there’s no loops in the song, no instruments or sounds I didn’t create. Sure, I’m using virtual instruments but they don’t do anything by themselves. Also, that the song came from a ‘snippet’ – a snatch of melody that came to me. I love those songs. They feel authentically me.

Hope ya like it.

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