Correction. New drafts of songs for 6Pack

Last week I said I didn’t have a song with a female lead, completely forgetting I do: a co-write with my daughter, Madison – Still Feels Like Home. Sorry, Madz! I worked on the production this week, tightening up and re-mixing. Still not totally happy with it but I love the song, and Madz’s vocal. I don’t think I’ll put it on 6Pack but it will definitely go on something – maybe the piano album: Livin’ The Dream.

This is one I got and started yesterday – Take Your Time. Written for a neighbour and friend who’s been having a tough time lately. Still just a scratch vocal but I like how this song is going. The section at the back of the chorus – where the organ comes in, was a happy accident. It shows the power of virtual instruments – I can quickly realize an idea, flesh it out so I can hear it properly and decide whether to go on with it. I have a feeling I will finish this and include it on the album.

I have a bunch of songs out with Trav to fix up some of the timing and recording issues. Trav is brilliant and I know will come back with tracks I can drop into the song – mostly rhythm guitars. Of course, Trav’s time is not free. At this stage, music is a cost centre – an expensive hobby. I’m hoping one day to get it to be cost neutral, at least paying for the development of new albums. But I’d do it anyway. It’s like breathing.

Here’s one I think I’m going to drop: Viva La Revolution. I like the concept and the track is OK but I feel like it lacks something – a killer punch. Something in the chorus. I might work on it, see if I can get the chorus, rising, more dramatic. This one is better: You Don’t You Won’t.

I’ve got one song for the album completely written: Bad Dog. Just need to put the vocals on. I’ll try doing it myself and see how it turns out but have a feeling it will need a pro singer. More on that one soon.

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