Two Thieves out. New album underway

Got a few goodies for you. I’m working on a new album – well, two actually, although I’m in two minds about the piano-based album I was planning: Livin’ The Dream(Soundcloud playlist). Not sure why I’m backing off this but I’ll probably get around to finishing it at some point.

The ‘Two Thieves’ albumis doing OK – mostly streaming in Spotify. It got a good review on Indie Band Guruwhich I was happy about. It’s not going to make me rich but I’m pleased I did it. It feels like I achieved something, and I love the music. I probably should promote it more, but I’m busy writing.

I’m actively working on another rock/pop album – working title ‘6 Pack’, because I originally had six songs, but I have more now so may have to change the title. Here’s a sampler – a couple of unfinished songs:

Ain’t Got You –

Good Bad Life –

I started ‘Ain’t Got You’ in 2015. Actually in April, so four years ago! But my songwriting mentor at the time told me “you’re going to write blues songs. You have to write them to get them out of your system”. That was then, when I was trying to conform and write songs for (American) film and TV. But their rules and pickiness are crushing for creativity and hope, so I’ve given up on that now and write what I damn well feel like! Hopefully, others will like it, too, of course.

Funny how this song stuck with me. I had to do quite a bit of digging in archives to rebuild it but I’m happy I did – I just love this song. It gets me every time. The track (music) is largely done – just need a bridge and the final chorus, but obviously I need to write the lyrics.

I think all the songs on this new album will be done from the ground up – so without commercial tracks or kits, just using my own (often virtual) instruments. ‘Ain’t Got You’ and ‘Good Bad Life’ are both examples of this. With a couple of recent (and expensive) purchases, I feel like I’ve now got the ability to realize these songs as I want them.

The last goodie is not for the new album but might go on ‘Livin’ The Dream’. This one is finished but needs a pro singer:

However You Come:

I wrote it for a good friend of ours who recently lost her father. I had parked the song, unsure of what to do with it, then the Christchurch massacre happened and deeply affected me, like most of New Zealand. So I finished the song as a mark of respect of the victims of that terrible and senseless event. I intend to get a pro singer – most likely a female lead, which would be the first time I’ve done that, which I’m excited about.

I’ll have more for you soon. And please, if you have any feedback, ideas, suggestions, or just want to say ‘hi’ please leave me a post. I’d love to hear from you.

Take care. Stay well and rock hard!

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