Plea for CBD (medicinal cannabis)

My letter to the NZ Health Minister and associates. I’ll probably get around to writing a song on this.

Dear Ministers

I urge you please to consider the use of medicinal cannabis (CBD), if not the legalization of cannabis altogether.

The potential benefits of CBD are becoming clearer as the dark ages of prohibition slowly lift.

For example: the formal study Cannabidiol as a Potential Treatment for Anxiety Disorders which concluded that “evidence indicates CBD has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders, with need for further study of chronic and therapeutic effects.”

The article CBD Works on Brain to Reduce Anxiety and Repair Damage From Chronic Stress references the study above is is a good introduction to the topic: “CBD has been shown, in numerous human and animal studies, to effectively reduce the symptoms of anxiety and allow the brain to recover its ability to deal with chronic stress and fear.”
There are many other accounts of the benefits of CBD – epilepsy and depression, for example – Everything you need to know about CBD oil (Medical News Today). If we don’t study it, use it, we may never know and abandon people we could help cheaply and effectively.
I was moved to petition you by this tweet:

“Did you see that NZs MoH have moved to make our legal cannabis crop (ihemp/cannabis sativa) illegal for therapeutic purposes?  Shameless”

If that’s true, then we are going backwards and wilfully ignoring a natural medicine that could help many people and is being rapidly adopted in other countries. Before prohibition, cannabis was an approved and prescribed medicine. Unfortunately, since prohibition (largely political) cannabis has been demonised and ignored.

Compare that to alcohol which is freely available despite it being a more dangerous drug with little or no therapeutic value. This is a terrible double standard because it denies relief for people in genuine need.
My mother has a chronic auto-immune disease, my father CFS, and my sister and I suffer depression and anxiety (great family, huh?) All of these conditions would potentially benefit from CBD, but we’ll never know unless we at least try.
I urge you to not only legalise at least medicinal cannabis, but to direct MOH to explore it’s potential uses, and non-uses.

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