Two New Albums

I’m working on two albums – Two Thieves: rock-based, and Livin’ The Dream: piano based.

My original mentor told me my “rock roots” would sometimes come out and I should write the songs but put them away. Well, I’m a bit sick of that, so I decided to go hard out and got a bunch of rock loops from Big Fish Audio (some of the best loops I’ve heard) and write a whole rock album, unashamedly.

The other album comes from my discovery of EZkeys which plays the piano in ways I can only dream of doing. I’m a plink-plink pianist and EZkeys makes it possible for me to move invisible fingers around a song in ways I could never do. I find it inspiring and emotional – much more than guitar.

I still have plenty of writing to do – lyrics mostly, but I’m pretty happy with the song lists, concepts, and how they sound. I’ll probably get my favourite producer and musician-extraordinaire, Trav, to do vocals on the rock songs but I will try and track as many of the piano songs as I can. They’ll be basic but that’s the sort of sound I’m after.

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