New EP: Ecocide

Thanks to CD Baby (a most excellent publisher) I’ve released Ecocide – an album / EP dedicated to Climate Change. Think modern day Paul Revere charging down the streets on an electric scooter shouting “The Climate Change is coming!”

I tried real hard to make it not preachy – I don’t know if it worked or not but I didn’t want to be the zealot whining on about my pet subject and telling everyone what they should be doing. The emphasis is on action – the things we have to do NOW to save ourselves from later. News keeps stacking up. Anything we do now helps. Yes, we can! We are small but we are many.

There’s approx. a zillion places you can listen if you want to: SoundCloud, Spotify, CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon. And if you like it, you can even buy it! (gasp).

I think I made a mistake with my song order. I put one of my favourites – Big Big Time, last on the EP. So, if you do listen to the EP, please feel free to skip to the last song. I like it.

Ping me on Twitter or wherever with any feedback. I’d love to hear from you.

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